ScummVM: Slow down mouse a little?

Hey guys! In ScummVM, the mouse cursor moves really fast (when using an actual mouse, not a controller’s analogue sticks).

I can slow it down by changing the pointer speed in my OS’s system settings, but I wonder if there’s an option to do this in the core or somewhere in RetroArch that I’m overlooking?

I’ve also been looking for this exact same thing. I’m using a GPD Win 2 and slowing the mouse (controlled by joypad) is only an option if I want to take half an hour to move the mouse from one desktop icon to another (which I don’t). I have a bluetooth mouse that I use when I really need a mouse and not a stick and this moves at far too fast a speed in ScummVM. I wrote an AHK script that slowed the mouse down when shift is pressed but it doesn’t affect ScummVM :confused:

That´s the reason, why the ScummVM core is pretty much unusable, if you want to use a real mouse instead of a controller. :frowning:

Is there no way to slow down mouse speed a little in this core? i also have this problem

The function has been added to the core on 14. Jan. 2019 (#127) by @jdgleaver But unfortunately there was an error that prevented the core from building successfully.

This has been fixed (#128) four days ago and is waiting to be merged. :slight_smile:

Awesome news!! Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile: