Sega CD slowdown in Genesis plus GX

I’ve been trying to get out of using Kega Fusion for simplicity reasons but one thing keeps making me go back to it. Genesis Plus GX Sega CD emulation has slowdown in games that don’t occur even on original hardware. Most notably Battle Corps. In Genesis Plus GX the game slows down to a crawl in many points just in the first level that I know are not present in real hardware. Nor Picodrive or Kega Fusion have this problem. I tried using Genesis Plus GX’s overclocking feature and even had it up to 200% and it did nothing. I haven’t seen anyone mention this anywhere and I’m wondering why. I have 4 computers with completely different hardware configs as well as one is Windows 8.1 whereas the rest are 7 and the result is always the same. Anyone else out there know what I’m talking about? Picodrive does a respectable job for what it is but it isn’t as accurate as Genesis Plus GX except for the slowdown.

hmm, i would make an issue at the github repo:

ekeeke should hopefully be able to shed some light on the situation.

Thanks as always hunterk. I will.