Sega Saturn setup question

I have all the required BIOS files where they should be and everything. Ive got all saturn cores downloaded via retroarch. My games dont appear to be showing up and im wondering if its the file format. They are all single bin and cue or mdf mds format. I am wondering what file format you guys that run saturn have had success with.

Im running retroarch on a linux desktop by the way.

Do they not run or are they just not showing up in a scan. If the latter, that’s not a huge deal. Just use the “manual” scan and it will bypass our database checks. If the former, post a log of you trying and failing to load a game and we can see what’s up.

They werent showing but I followed your instructions and did a manual launch. I am not sure exactly how to work log files but when I start the game in the bottom left corner I get a yellow message that says

uncorrectable data at sector 0

Then it loads into the saturn cd player as if it thinks its a music cd. I did get it to load one game fine however Dragon Force loads and plays perfectly.

I figured out the issue. I had pulled my iso files from a drive back when I was running windows and my .cue file was wrong. It had the directory path to the .bin file in the .cue. So I made another using notepad and this site.

Which worked like a charm for saturn as well. Im not sure if I made these cue files long ago with some kind of program or what.

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