Sega Saturn/ST-V Kronos needs a fps/hz limit option?

When using ST-V Kronos the emulation runs too fast, it’s running the game at my monitor refresh rate 144hz instead of the 60hz it was made for. So some games become impossible to play as it’s running at over double the speed it would normally.

I had a look in the emulator options but I couldn’t see an option to limit the fps/hz?

ST-V (Kronos) v2.5.0 fec6e18.

That should be handled by the frontend rather than the core. Do other cores run too fast, as well? If so, do you have working audio? Also, check your GPU control panel and make sure it’s set to “let the application decide” or whatever for vsync.

Other cores run fine at the correct speed, this is the only core I’ve ever had this issue with. I like Kronos as it can upscale to 1080p. Audio also works fine in other cores but can be an issue in Kronos as it’s running so fast.

I don’t have vsync enabled, since it hasn’t been a problem in other emulators/cores I’d prefer to leave it off.

I just tried in Retroarch->Settings->Video->Output->Vertical Refresh Rate , set to 60hz but it didn’t help.

ok, just for diagnostic purposes, could you try turning it on in settings > video?

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Sorry I made a mistake and should of said Video->Settings->Synchronization->Vertical Sync , was On.

I just tried turning off Vertical Sync and Kronos was running even faster than before.

Edit: I found that turning Video->Settings->Synchronization->Sync to Exact Content Framerate (G-Sync, Freesync) , to ON , has fixed the problem in Kronos.

Strange this is the only core I’ve had to enable that for but it seems to work I’ve only tested a couple games so far.

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