Shader for LCD Screen Shadow?

I saw this effect being done via a setting on a MiSTer core for Game Boy, and the result was exactly what I’ve felt was missing from my handheld shaders. Basically just puts a drop shadow on all the pixels for game boy games.

Was wondering if there’s any shader that actually does this. I didn’t see anything with a similar name, but I’m having trouble finding out more about it on MiSTer as well.

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Do you mean like the gameboy dmg shader in RetroArch\shaders\shaders_slang\handheld\gameboy.slangp

It looks like this

And if you tweak the shadow it looks like this:


Hadn’t thought to look in the actual Game Boy style shader paramaters lol. Can’t stand the DMG green, but the one next to it “gameboy-pocket.slangp” has the same settings from what I can tell.

Pretty much perfection, except for whatever this border is? I don’t see this on your shot. I get the same border with the shader you showed me too.


Looks like it was because I had integer scale turned off. Never seen that behavior on a shader before with that off, but it makes sense.

Thanks for your help man! I’m pretty excited about this.

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It’s not because of integer scaling. It’s because GB shaders in general handle aspect ratio themselves. So you should configure the RA aspect ratio to 16:9 (or whatever your display’s AR is.)

I have a core override for this that sets AR to 16:9 just for that core. The core override is a file named the same as the core with a .cfg file extension. It’s in the <retroarch folder>/config/<core name> folder. For example config/SameBoy/SameBoy.cfg.


for more info.

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I think it’s def Integer Scaling in this case, as turning that on fixed the issue.

By comparison, this is what I get when setting the Aspect Ratio to 16:9 (with similar results on anything outside of “Core Provided”)

Oh, you’re not using a border shader. Never mind.

(Try handheld/console-border/gb-pocket-6x.slangp though with 16:9.)