Share some mobile overlays


Hi,guys,there are some onscreen overlays I want to share,hope you like them. These onscreen overlays were PSed slightly by myself,the original pics are from deviantart,thanks to who made these realistic pics. There are three onscreen overlays,NGP,GBA,and NES,the onscreen overlays’ resolution is 2560x1440,but I have made a 1920x1080 png in each folder for 1080p users. The 7z pack includes the cfg and png files. Sorry for my English.

NGP The NGP one has fast-forwarding button hide in the NeoGeoPocket logo,toggle menu button is the option button on the overlay.

GBA The GBA one has fast-forwarding button hide in the Game Boy Advance logo,and toggle menu button hide in the Nintendo logo.

NES The NES one has AB combination hide above the button A .Toggle menu button hide in middle-bottom of the overlay.

Edit: update WSC and GBC onscreen overlays

WSC The WSC one: power button=toggle menu sound button=fast-forwarding

GBC The GBC one has AB combination hide below the button A,and fast-forwarding hide in the speaker position,toggle menu button hide in the Nintendo logo.

Using GBA shader borders as touch overlay to play on Android

Those are great! I especially like the NGP one. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thank you could like it.There are something I forgot to mention,these infos have been added. And I have a wsc and a gbc overlays in progress,upload them later.


Link is down, please reupload. This is amazing btw. I’ve been looking for something like these since forever. Thank you for the amazing work.


Hi,drckml.overlays have been reupload,but I can’t find the GBA one right now,I will rePS it and upload in the future.:slight_smile:


thank you very much! the only problem I have is that the screen isnt centered on GB. Is it possible if you can provide the config for screen ratio, etc etc? This is really amazing


This one is special,I don’t know how to describe correcly as my English is poor.when you set ‘Aspect Ratio’ to Custom,the rgui will ‘disppear’ from your device screen,if I remember correcly,you need to increase ‘Custom Viewport X’ first.

Here you go, GB overlay config!aFAxAb4R!yfzQNmTCiRmu0QKqQbe8SedpWNwtRnATx4sQeFaQOVw


Links seem to be down. May you reup the files?


Could anyone reupload this? All links are dead.


I’ve made a few.


The links are down again, can we get a reupload?