Simple Arcade Multifilter - app for MAME and FB Alpha ROM sets


you will hate me for the romset name, but “Psyvariar -Medium Unit- (V2.04J)” is such a game without additional romfile or isn’t it ? ! (but i am not 100% sure aubout it) :slight_smile: :joy:

XII-STAG will be a nice test-candidate - this one definitely need no additional romfile :slight_smile:

the DAT i used is exactly the same as the one in the github.


Ah hah. I create a dummy file like which I use for testing, not realizing it is one of those CHD-only sets. I’ve been looking at its DAT entry a lot, but I didn’t realize that. :hammer:

I guess there is a ROM out there somewhere that is NODUMP, so in the meantime it is CHD only.

Next time I do some work I’ll delete my dummy and create a dummy CHD file. I am glad finally I learned this important aspect with your help here.


@shakalakka I have created a new build, SAM v1.21 which seems to be sorting out the CHD-only sets correctly including psyvaria

This required changes in several different places so I am hoping there were no new bugs introduced. I’ll be looking forward to your feedback as always!


hello again, i have tried SMA 1.2 and SMA 1.2.2

here are the results:

SMA 1.2 catched 6715 files and chd images

SMA 1.2.2 catched 6723 files and chd images (the additional games are the god damn Taito G-Net games i had missed previously :smiley: )

Great work dude :ok_hand: :+1:

Tomorrow i will give the new PLB a short try and will give a feedback as always :slight_smile:


Woo!! I had no idea that there were these filtering bugs. It feels very good to think that they are fixed


i had tried to create a new playlist with my latest set. Everything seems to be fine except the stubborn “CHD-Only” games. They are missing. All other new Entry are show correctly but Psyvaria and XII-Stag are missing.

maybe you can look at it ? :slight_smile:


I’m frankly not sure how CHD-only games are entered in playlists. Can you post an example of how a functioning playlist entry looks for a CHD-only game?


Unfortunately i have no clue about it, but i can try a little bit, this weekend.


RetroArch support for CHD-only sets may require a new code in the MAME cores – MAME would need to be able to look up the driver name for the game by the folder name of the CHD rather than the romset filename, as with regular romsets.

I think it could be added but I don’t think this support exists now.


hi, sorry i am an idiot !!

have found that link they listed the different required romset for any version of mame. it seem that the Taito Game vary a lot from release to release. I was sure at one point the chd-taito games were “CHD-Only” and and because i handled my chd games in the past without the use of ClearMamePro i never realized that they changed it. now i have downloaded the missing rom files and it works just great. Sorry for wasting your time :frowning:

this means SMA works for me as far i tested it. It has detected all games i want to play. and i found no “not runnables”…

My dream of a nice and clean MAME playlist comes finally true. AWESOME JOB!!!


It’s all good, I’m glad to have done this last round of work on the two apps with your feedback.

One day I’ll even start using a version of MAME less than 15 years old so this may all be useful to me too one day :wink:


Hey all, so if I’m reading this right, I can use this to filter out clones from an FBA v0.2.97.39 set? I’m unsure as to what files I need to do this - could someone point me in the right direction?


I would suggest using SAM to filter out “Not Working” or “Unrunnable” sets rather than clones. You’ll need the right DAT file and the catver file.


Hi, I was looking for a way to exclude clones from my list. I seams the first version of SAM had this option, but I can’t find a way to do this in the latest version. Am I missing something? Thanks