Simple Arcade Multifilter - app for MAME and FB Alpha ROM sets


hi, thanks for your work. i just test and select only mechanical and unplayable filter and this software sort about 363 games non working. I test them in retroarch and effectively theses doesn’t work. thanks for your help now I can exclude them regards


FIRST : thank you for holding up the work on your multifilter!!!

i think the filter (V1.1) miss some “not runnable” game like DOA2, DAYTONA2 and some other (mostly newer) games.


What MAME version / DAT version are you using? I will need to look at those entries in the same DAT file you use.


I used a 0.174 (MAME2016) rom-set and metadata…


I added several DAT fields from newer DATs like 0.174 that were not detected. However, I am not sure that this will fix your issue because it should have already been detected.

Could you try again with the new SAM v1.11 build?

Also, what is the source of your MAME 0.174 DAT? Are you using one you generated from within MAME or one that is published on the web?


new release seems not change anything for me. I got the mame.dat and catver.ini from libretro back in days. maybe you can provide me the right one on your own ? :slight_smile: