Skip Loading on Amiga Core

When loading game it takes awhile to load Games up,.

Yes I know that because that how Amiga worked but wondering can I skip the Loading so just happens Straight Away instead of Waiting?

You can hit spacebar and fast-forward through it, right?

I tried Fast Forward and does speed it up but still wait a Bit.

Have not tried pressing Spacebar - What would the Spacebar do?

it’s the default hotkey assignment for fast-forward.


I give that a go later as doing something 1st and I will Post back what Happens

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  1. Stop using floppy versions and use WHDLoad versions instead (loading is almost instant)
  2. Enable “Automatic Load Fast-Forward” option (no need to press FF manually)
  3. Make a save state in slot -1 after the main loading, and enable auto load state

No need to do all of them.


@sooninos why need to save state at -1?

Because it is the autoload save slot…

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How do I know if it’s a WHDLoad Version before Loading up File?

Tried k240 from the No-Intro Pack and does load lot faster but I get this Weird thing Happening when Playing Game:

What is Happening and how can I fix it?

The first frames clearly show that you are not using real Kickstarts, but the built-in AROS, which is not totally compatible. Also the game might require Cycle-exact mode. Nothing related to making loading faster.