SKLC's Ergo Gamepad Overlays (20:9)

I found RetroArch’s default RetroPad kind of uninviting to play which made me mock up some stuff on my own. I ended up actually making a preset from it, inspired by Lemuroid’s gamepad. After messing around with it for a couple of days I tweaked the position of buttons to be more ergonomic for my phone at least (Nothing Phone 1), which meant shifting the buttons around until I was comfortable playing without any cramping.

Eventually I added more presets for different consoles with matching buttons. Currently there’s presets for:

  • GameBoy
  • GameBoy Color
  • GameBoy Advance
  • SNES (US & PAL/SFC versions)
  • PS1 (DualShock version and a toggleable Dpad/Analog version)
  • PSP
  • RetroPad Generic (Dual analog and single toggleable analog version)

Here’s a couple of Screenshots.

PS1 (Dpad/Analog toggle version)

SNES (SFC/PAL version)




Generic RetroPad (Dual analog version)

There’s also hidden tappable zones for toggling the menu and speed which you can see here:

I didn’t want to clutter the UI so I made it that tapping the top of the game screen toggles speed, and bottom goes to the menu.

These are all meant to be played in landscape for the most part, even though there is support for vertical layouts as well. I don’t really play vertical on my phone so it’s here just in case.


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These look really nice! Thanks for sharing them :slight_smile:


Wow. My prayer has been answered. I really love lemuroid’s on-screen gamepad but the app itself is lacking fast forward, save state and load state buttons.

I edited your overlays to match the size of lemuroid’s buttons, added hidden rectangle buttons on top left for save state and top right for load state. Thanks billion times!!!

Here’s what it looks like now.