Slowdowns on SameBoy

I’m experiencing slowdowns (artificial not related to emulated system) to half the framerate in the sameboy core. I tried everything, removing the modeline, disabling rewind, using other backends or audio drivers… I’m on nvidia driver 443.15. Does anyone experience the same? I’m about to change the core back to gambatte or so.

Haven’t had any problems with it and have updated it recently. On a 2500k+GTX970 with 446.14 drivers, using xaudio and Vulkan with max swapchain set to 2. My phone can’t handle it without crackles though; just a snapdragon 625 in that.

I think it must be something related to Win7 then. I switched to gambatte and now I can forget about slowdowns, ear-damaging noises or the self promoting boot logo. Wanted to like it, but after a year of issues I think it’s enough.

Maybe; I’m on Win10. Note that you can provide real GB and GBC BIOS files to replace the Sameboy boot logos.