SMS Overlay Based on Sega 3D Classics

I’m working on a border for Sega Master System based on the border included in the Sega 3D Classics version of Fantasy Zone II.

Here’s what it looks like on 3DS

and here is my recreation:

It’s designed for running at 5x resolution on a 1080p screen. I whipped up a couple versions with different shading as you can see here:

Problem is, I don’t actually know how to turn this into a working overlay. Anybody wanna take one of my transparent PNGs and give it a shot?

Those look really good!

Making it into an overlay is really easy. Just open in a text editor the config file from one of the existing overlays that does a similar effect (i.e., nes-SMB2-integer.cfg) and change the path to your image, then rename the cfg file to match. That’s it.

Oh hey that worked perfectly. Thanks hunterk!

This is pretty fun, so I thought I would try my hand at some more. Then I didn’t know when to stop.

First, I put together the Mark III border also from that Sega collection.

Then did some NES backgrounds in a similar style.

And then one based on old NES boxart

and then recreated the Luigi Bros Wii U border

That one is available in original proportions and integer only.

The 1080p transparent pngs are available here.

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Not really a fan of borders (I’d rather have black bars) but that last one is pretty neat

Got a couple more for you today. First a recreation of the Amiibo Tap border from the Wii U in two variations.

Then two variations on the NES Remix border.

All are available here:

I’ll put together a better way to download these if I continue to make them.

those all look great :smiley:

Oh man! Those SMS and NES overlays look beautiful! I searched for months for something like this! Im in love! I am looking now for overlays with aesthetics like those you did, for SNES, PSX, Sega Genesis and 32x. Are you planning on releasing anything soon? I am now pumped! Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome work :slight_smile:

I like the ones that have the gamepad as borders, if you have the time, could you try making some borders based on the gamepads like you did for NES?

[QUOTE=EwzzyRPI;38081]Got a couple more for you today. First a recreation of the Amiibo Tap border from the Wii U in two variations.


Just for information, what’s this version of Megaman ? It looks like the Metal Man stage from Megaman 2 on NES but with better graphics ?

Edit : It’s from Megaman : the Wily Wars on Genesis.

I know I’m probably gonna get bit in the ass for necro posting but can you make a version of the Sega 3D Classics SMS Border recreation (namely this one.) in the style of The Sega Genesis Mini Wallpaper Ports?