Snapscreen - Automate screenshot taking of RetroArch games on Linux

Hi everyone. I finally got around to write a bit documentation and publish my personal suite of scripts I use to generate the screenshots. These are written for Linux in Python and I don’t know if it works on Windows. RetroArch is needed to be installed from repository, so no support for Flatpak or Steam version (however, not sure, it might even work with these too). The suite ImageMagick is required too, when creating crops and collages with “”, but don’t need to be installed when just creating screenshots with “”.

The entire idea is to create screenshots systematically with many resolutions and Shaders. It uses the savestate mechanism of RetroArch to load a game at the specified point and runs it a few frames, then exits. On exit a screenshot is taken automatically. So this only works with cores that have savestate support.

Unfortunately there is a bit of reading and handwork to be done, because this is not plug and play. Hope you are doing great and have fun.