SNES cores exit on right button

Hi dear Lakka / libretro Team, first I would like to send you a very big THANK YOU because you make Lakka run on the rpi4 so quickly and nice! That’s just wonderful!!!

Maybe someone can help me with a little challenge I’m facing. I installed Lakka 2.3.1 on an rpi4 and connected a dualshock 3 controller via bluetooth. It works just perfect in the menu and with a game I like to play. However, if I try to play other games the right button of the digital cross always exits the emulation. Why? Have you seen this effect and can guide me to a solution for this?

Thank you very much! Sektor

Hi, I just noticed that this behavior differs based on how the controller is connected.

If my PS3 controller is connected via cable at Lakka boot up then everything works fine and as expected.

If I disconnect the controller from the cable during runtime so the controller is connected via bluetooth then the button setup changes. Pressing “right” on the digital cross exists the SNES game from this point in time. Also, it exits N64 games and it looks like a general key remapping from this point in time. Connecting it again via USB cable does not change the behavior. I need to reboot while the controller is connected via USB in order to have it working. This is reproducible.

Is there a reason why it works this way or this a bug? Can someone with more insight to the controller related architecture of Lakka comment on this?

Regards, Sektor

Dear all this issue can be fixed easily via the UI. I don’t know why this fixes it but it works like this:

  1. Connect your controller via Bluetooth
  2. Go to Settings (second menu)
  3. Go to Input
  4. Go to Hotkey Binds
  5. Go to Menu toggle
  6. press circle and assign the PS3 button to it (the one in the middle)
  7. restart Lakka & voila
  8. from now on you can enter the menu by pressing the PS3 button instead of both sticks (L3+R3; but this still works!)

I think the name of the thread is misleading since I now understood the core does not exit but switch to the menu.

HTH, sektor

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