SNES Emulation issues

I recently ran into some issues involving the SNES cores.

  1. There is a weird background stuttering in Earthbound, video here, the background does this weird thing where it is shifting/stuttering as I walk.

  2. I was trying to play the Maternalbound Redux romhack and it only seems to work on Mesen-S. Trying to run on any SNES9X or BSNES core just shows a black screen. And snes9x 2010 in particular shows “error: rom loading failed”, and the log says [ERROR] [Content]: Failed to load content. The reason I want to run on snes9x is to use the MSU-1 patches available for it.

Dunno about the romhack, but Earthbound’s scrolling is always herky-jerky, even on real hardware.