Snes9x, bad video when NOT using threaded video

Hey all, bug report I encountered on GPD XD and my GPD XD+. When using SNES9x with threaded video on, video is fine. But when turning threaded video off, video goes screwy. I update my cores last week and I’m pretty sure everything was fine, updated again yesterday and the new problem shows up.

Any fix?

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You’ll have to be a little more specific about what “all screwy” means. Can you take screenshots of the effect?

This is exactly what I see

is it scrolling like that? or is it always just like the image (i.e., non-moving)?

It isn’t scrolling, just twisted like that.

So far, I have only tested it on Android versions of RetroArch and Retroarch64, with my GPD XD, my GPD XD+, and my Nvidia shield TV. No drivers setting were changed from inital download either

Ok, I think we know what’s up. We’ll try to fix it soon. In the meantime, you can use snes9x2010.

@hunterk so the problem with Snes9x has been fixed for a while now. However, now all of the Turbo Grafx cores are doing the same thing…

do you know how long they’ve been doing it? like, days? weeks?

Unfortunately I have no idea, just downloaded the cores for the first time today, and doing it on all platforms that I use