SNES9x & Satellaview Emulation

I haven’t tried to do anything with this in a while, but I was blown away how much the state of Satellaview emulation has changed via SNES9x… BS-X support was pretty amazing, being able to use the translated BS-X rom/bios is mind-blowing though.

I’ve been reading around, and came across an article that stated there was a way to do things like set the date/time, and there was a video showing the BS-X town as active and alive… but in English.

I’ve managed to boot up into the town, and I can play games from my house… but how do you get the town active? Is it even possible while using SNES9x or was I seeing something only possible in stand-alone, or maybe even another emulator all-together?

theoretically you can create files that simulate the online with Satellawave for snes9x however in the Libretro version of snes9x, this function was not implemented

Found your SatData folder in other forum and I think is working. The files must be beside your roms, don’t put them in a subfolder.


:open_mouth: wait, what? “SatData”?

Can you please clarify a bit?

I couldn’t get them to work (I use retropie)

There is this windows tool called SatellaWave that allows to modify npc events, season, and other things for your bsx bios. It exports the changes as files that you should put in your SatData folder in snes9x.

Support for this files was added to Retroarch recently:

The files must be besides your satellaview roms.

There are some youtube tutorials that show what you can do with satellawave tool.

Im not that familiar with satellaview just found hermit post here and in other forum.

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I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work for me. do you use rom compressed in zip files?

Yes, my roms are zipped, here is a look:

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Resolved with Retropie the files must not be compressed thank you

How did you get the town data to work? I’m on Series S, copied all of the town data into the folder and nothing Thanks