Software for a better windows 98 / DOSBox-PURE

What are some good things to have in windows 98 for a better gaming experience? I have windows 98 second edition, I installed voodoo graphics 3.01.00, I was told I should get Directx9c however windows 98 doesn’t seem to like that, it says it wants a newer computer. Is there anything else I should get and how do I get Directx9c to work?

EDIT: I just realized, I should search for direct9xc for windows 98, I think the one I have is for windows 10/11. I will be trying a different source.

EDIT: I got direct9xc working, I just want to know if there is anything else I should have.

the most important thing is a vrr monitor as it makes a big difference.

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That sounds like hardware and not software, even duckduckgo (I don’t like google) seems to say it’s hardware.

wingroove for a better midi sound for games that use midi

wingroove is a midi player and a driver

Is that better than weedsgm4_update.sf2? That’s what I got for midi sound, it looks like an update of Weeds General MIDI Soundfont v3.0. The guide also recommends a pair of "_control.rom and _pcm.rom files" but I don’t know if that is better or worse than Weeds General MIDI Soundfont v3.0 or if it works with it for a richer sound. The guide also doesn’t tell me what they are but from the context I think they have to do with mt-32 soundfont. Is that better?

EDIT: Also looking at the guide I realize I have to choose the file in the audio settings, I did that but now when I open windows 98 it says it’s not set up correctly. The file is in the system folder and in the quick menu/options/audio I have MIDI output set to “frontent midi driver” the file I have been talking about, what more am I supposed to do?

The essential is the Voodoo Driver and DirectX. In this article I had already answered you about this.

Having the latest Windows 98 compatible version of QuickTime and K-Lite Codec Pack can be very useful.

For gaming you don’t need anything else.

There are many, many SoundFonts on the internet, some free, some not, you just have to search.
You save it in Systems, select it from the core options, and obviously the game has to be compatible with general MIDI, Soundcanvas or similar.

I’m not sure, but I think I’ve seen on Youtube some video of " Soundfonts Compared w/ Doom " to give you an idea of what you can do with those things.

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OK thank you, good to know. You did talk about voodoo Driver and DirectX and that is why I admitted to using those (I don’t want you thinking I’m asking the same question, I did learn how to use them). The other two software sounds like a great thing to look into, thank you for the advice.

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