[Solved] Alone in the Dark: TNN PAL/UK Reicast



I’m trying to test/play Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare with Reicast (latest build, at least 2 days ago). I’m using the .GDI version converted to .CHD. The version I’m testing of AiTD is the PAL/UK version.

I’ve tested it choosen European BIOS or Default BIOS, I have a VMU empty in A1 slot. I tested also to boot from CD1 and CD2. The issue is the same.

The issue:

the game boots pretty well, I can see the intro video, it presents the title screen, I press Start and I can go by the different options, “Load Game”, “Options”, “Credits”… BUT… I can NOT begin a “New Game”. Pushing UP or DOWN in digital or analog sticks always jumps/avoids the “New Game” option. How is so?

What am I doing wrong?

PD: Ok, my mistake, I have mixed the .gdis. Now works perfect.

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