(SOLVED)[iOS] directory not found

Anyone know why im getting directory not found in file browser? Happens only with the official builds not Weedys builds. Trying to test something

did you go to settings > directory and make sure the file browser directory exists and that you can read/write to it?

@hunterk yes the file browser directory exists and i should say its only certain folders in the browser that arent working. However, the same directories do show just fine in the other build i mentioned. So should be read/writable? And theyve always worked before no problems Also, getting “failed to open libretro core”

@Trebrick Yeah, it’s a iOS app sandbox issue… Non jailbroken apps (and jailbroken apps without proper entitlements) cannot access directories outside of their confined sandbox space…

If you’re jailbroken, just use the version of my repo, it will be updated to 1.8.9 very soon!

@Weedy_Weed_Smoker the official buildbot is where i got RA from before i found your builds and ive always been jailbroken. Never had any issues like that before. And yah yours is what i use, i was just trying to test something on the official to compare

Solved: was a problem with my jailbreak and the permissions it granted i guess. Working fine now on a different jailbreak.

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