[Solved] Moto Racer: no controls with Beetle PSX HW

Hi all,

For some reason, Moto Racer doesn’t recognize any pad with Beetle PSX. On Title Screen, there’s no “X Button” icon that tells a controller is plugged in. There has nothing to do with my controller, since even the keyboard binding doesn’t work.

It works with PCSX Rearmed but I first had to display RA menu, go to core options, set Pad 1 Type to none then back to Standard for the game to recognize a controller.

Is it an isolated case? Is it related to Beetle PSX and how the game is coded?

Solved: Multitap 1 was enabled, which provoked this. It’s the only game I’ve tested so far that suffered from that. This setting needs to be set off before launching game.

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