Some PSN PBPs doesn't work properly with Beetle PSX HW core

Hello together, i brought a lot of PSONE classics (about 90) from the psn over the last years and like to play them with the Beetle PSX HW core. The most games are working like they should, but the following ones have problems.

thunderforce V (JP) no background music

[libretro WARN] [PBP] Failed to fix sector 118150

Rayman (US) freezes on Ubisoft logo

libretro ERROR] [PBP] 41835: block 2614 is too large (4247768256)

Pong (US) crashes after Pong Splash screen

[libretro ERROR] [PBP] sector -9 is past img end

Tomb Raider (US) freezes on level loading

no error or warn log statement was written

Tomb Raider II (US) reezes on level loading

no error or warn log statement was written

Wipeout (US) black screen on startup after PlayStation Logo

no error or warn log statement was written

Gaia Seed (US) no background music

no error or warn log statement was written

Double Dragon (JP) no background music

[libretro ERROR] [PBP] 29067: block 1816 is too large (4257210944)

Im not sure what the problem could be here but im guessing some of these games are multitrack.

Additional infos:

  • Beetle PSX HW core is configured with default settings
  • The pbp files from the psn are not altered in any way
  • The games are working fine on the ps3

I hope someone could help, because this is a great way to play the games a more legal way.

Thank you

I believe this is a known issue. I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done about it, since PBP is a proprietary format and the open-source support is reverse-engineered (AFAIK).

I found this explanation from CD Romance. Is this accurate of .PBP files?

" eboots are .PBP files created to play PS1 games on PSP consoles and later on VITA.

Some people also prefer them over PSX ISOs because it’s just 1 file usually smaller in size, this last use is a really bad idea, i’ll elaborate later. For now you need to know:

** PSX2PSP: Are eboots made by random people, usually with a program called PSX2PSP (there are others: Popstation GUI, IceTea). While most of this files work fine, many have issues (No sound, random crashes, disc change errors), and some don’t work at all (black screen on startup).* ** PSN Eboots : These are eboots sold at the official PSN store. They are perfect. No bugs. But usually emulators can’t play them due to encryption.*"

I think so, yeah, just in the other direction. That is, I believe the non-PSP/Vita emus that can run PBPs can run the PSX2PSP ones perfectly, while the PSN eboots have issues (including encryption).

It makes sense that it is reverse engineered and they did a great job i would say. Most of the psn pbps, i tested, work like they should. Of course i cannot estimate how much effort it would take to eliminate the remaining problems, but the current status is so good that it make me sad if no one worked on it anymore. I would love to support with money if someone would takle this.