Some Px68k error screens, how to get past them?

I’m testing some games and it seems like there’s a 50-50 chance they run. Sometimes they give me a screen like this:

Or this:

First one is Thunderforce II, second one is Atomic Robo Kid.

How do you get past those particular screens?

Usually by inserting the first two disks.

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I also came across these two messages:

First is from Bari Bari Attack Erice, Second is from Battlechess.

Both are .hdf files so these messages must not be about floppie disks. Hdf are pre-installed games.

Not sure if they are error messages either, but the games are just stuck there.

Use RetroArch translator in case you can find something meaningful in these messages. Very handy

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Bari Bari message warns you that you need to put the monitor in tate mode and mind the heat and that they wont be responsible if anything happens to you :slight_smile: Godly Retroarch A.I Service

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Well, i can’t get past the message so i wonder how they detect the heat or if i have the screen in tate mode :stuck_out_tongue:

In short it says that you need to tate the monitor BUT this may stress the capacitors and the internals which in that case they are not responsible. In other words, if you burn your place up, dont chase them hahaha Next it says to press the Trigger. I pressed one of the joypad buttons and the game started.