Someone has the NeoCD core compiled in his last version?


I see the neocd core download it’s not updated in his website.

If someone has compiled for itself and want to share i would be grateful, because it has CHD support!!



I haven’t even heard of this core before. Is it new??

Has not Much Recent Updates so Not sure IF it’s actively worked on or not.

Be Good IF Neo Geo CD Core Came out

Hope it will appears on the core updater soon with android version Thanks

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Anyone can use it now, but you need to install manually.

The best thing is you can avoid loading screens making them instant load, and can compress the audio tracks to OGG getting game sizes to 70mb.

Check the MD5 on ncd bios and when you find the correct one, just rename it as the manual says.

Love to give it a go so how can I Manually Add the Core?

Can’t Find Core and Info Files. So can’t download them

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Android version doesn’t seem available yet

So just for Windows? I am using Windows 10

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Yeah I’m on Windows 10 too - how do we get a copy of this? All I see is source files on that link and I don’t know anything about compiling.

I would like to use the core myself too.

Can someone upload it please?

A compiled Windows libretro core is available on the github page.

Here is a direct link of you can’t find it:

EDIT: It appears the compiled .dll is older and does not contain the latest commits.

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Hope a day , it will arrive on the buildbot for others plateforms (android) thanks


Is there a pre-compiled core of the latest version anywhere?

Question is, why it isn’t in the buildbot?


I am guessing they never for it working Reliably and Developer stopped working on it

No, the issue is the way external libraries are handled, which won’t work with the buildbot.

Then it’s not Offical Core then?

How would we know IF it works then or not?