Sony 14" Trinitron Overlay

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Never cease to impress.

Great share. Have you looked at github as a release method? I started adding some overlays to the libretro border overlays repo and it’s very efficient imo. Seems like a good fit for your type of stuff.

Edit: Just reading up and storage limit is not fixed but advised to be kept below 1gb so may not serve as a long term solution

John, beautiful work as always!

Thanks for the comments, feedback welcome.

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I dig the background with posters a lot. If they are pale and not color saturated, I think will be an improvement over the plain wall.

Im pretty sure I know the answer, but just in case: by any chance do you have the US SNES console to make an alt version of it?

I don’t have a real US Snes, but I can have a go at making a US version overlay. Leave it with me and I will see what I can come up with.


Great artist, awesome member.

Loving it! Thanks a lot for your hard work John :slight_smile:

Wow, I’d love to use these! But retroarch still doesn’t recognize any of my snes usb controllers :frowning: Even though they show up in the yellow list when I start up. I can only access my 1st xbox360 controller. Wonder if they will ever fix this? It’s been this way for about 3 years now. Such a bummer, I can only use it for handheld systems that are just one player, have nice overlays for those. But wish I could expand to other platforms, because these overlays are making me want to very much so.

Updated first post with a newer upload, v3. Will update first post as I progress, adding links to the end of the post.

Comments/Feedback welcome.


I like this, I am definitely going to try it out.

Updated first post to include v4 and all changes. Lots of systems added. More to do. Ideas and comments more than welcome.

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Awesome release John! Rocking these for sure :slight_smile:

Wishlist of things I would love to see:

  • NES version with the original joypad and not the stick.
  • Consoles power light on.
  • Controller plugged in (and cable going down off screen like we are using it)
  • Night version of these (like a dark room with the TV glow).
  • Another variation; instead of the joypad on the left side, to show a couple of game boxes or carts (piled or dropped).


Some decent suggestions.

NES version with the original joypad and not the stick.

I only have access to the original Advantage stick for the moment, my pads are in storage. I will look for some good-quality images on the net.

Consoles power light on.

Only if it’s visible, and not off the screen.

Controller plugged in (and cable going down off screen like we are using it)

I had to unplug every machine to photograph and don’t plan on photographing them again but, I can take images of the connectors and then photoshop them in as to appear connected. Will see what I can do.

Night version. For a cheap easy way, you can set the overlay opacity to 40 or lower, that gives a cheap night effect. I will see what I can do in photoshop.

Have no plans for game boxes. I don’t own hardly any original games for these systems, the ebay prices for nes and snes (for example) are mental. I use Everdrive carts and sdcards, or modern sdcard solutions for computers. I also don’t want to clutter up the screen space too much, although there is no stopping anyone from adding their own boxes.

Cheers for the comments.

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Thank you for your fantastic overlays, the best…Could you add Amstrad cpc, PC-Engine CD and MSX2 please. Thanks

Sure, as soon as I get some free time.

Hi Love these overlays, Would you be able to do some more so I could finish of my collection. I just need Amstrad CPC, SNK NEOGEO AES & Nintendo GameCube. That would be great.

Sorry I forgot to mention Sega Master Systen 2 also. Thanks

I only own a Amstrad 6128, not a 464, so might be tricky finding one at the right scale and angle. Would have to improvise with the others since most machines are boxed in storage. If I can find high-quality images on the net then I might use them.

Hi john I have uploaded some images of my requested systems for overlays if this is of any help.