SOQUEROEU – Mega Bezel TV Backgrounds

Mine looks fine, but I am thinking it might be the new update for HSM. I haven’t updated mine yet. I will update and check again real quick.


Yeah it was the update.

Just change Post CRT Brightness to 1.20, since Brightness 100 is now 1.


Yes, I haven’t updated the repo yet. In addition to Post_CRT, you may still need to adjust the Tube Diffuse to match the new type :



I was going through @HyperspaceMadness 's last release notes looking for that exact thing, I remembered that something had to be changed.


@soqueroeu to give you an idea, my monitor + your background = 11". My monitor + your background + cropping = 12.5", this is based on the NES background.

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Soqueroeu - Mega Bezel TV Backgrounds

Compatibility UpdateV 0.9.103 2022-02-15 Rev 1

Hello everyone!

I just updated the repo. All presets received changes to accompany the Mega Bezel Pack parameter changes, announced by @HyperspaceMadness in THIS POST.

The changes include only the three items below. If you want to modify your presets yourself, it’s quite simple. Use notepad++ and do a search and replace for:


post_br = "120.000000"
post_br = "90.000000"


post_br = "1.200000"
post_br = "0.900000"

With this change, you can now update your HSM Shader pack. :love_you_gesture:


Hi All, I’ve been doing my first tests with CyberLab presets and my backgrounds.

Here we have CyberLab__RGB-Sharp__1080p__PVM-Edition__ADV

I am very happy with the result. Congratulations to our friend @Cyber for his excellent work with the shader preset?


Thank you very much @soqueroeu! I appreciate the appreciation! Our works seem to complement each other very well!

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@soqueroeu your updated presets are in your V2 repo, right ? Maybe you should update the FP because it still links to the original repo.


That happened to me too early this morning.

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Thanks for reporting guys!

I’m fixing it now.


Have you seen these videos of your TV-Backgrounds in action @soqueroeu?

CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack

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So nice! i liked so much. It’s getting better and better. Look:


Glad you enjoyed them! There’s 1 more to be added in this set.

What’s this you’re trying to show me? is this one of @Duimon’s backgrounds? Also, what preset it that in there? Everything looks good though!

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Yeah. It is his Arcade [CABINET] preset.


@Soqueroeu if you don’t mind I am renaming all your files for the cropped settings. I also placed the backgrounds in a Flat and Curved folder so that the [FLAT] can be removed from the title.

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Yes, it’s one of @Duimon backgrounds. In the preset, I made small adjustments and I thought it gave a slight improvement to the GDV. Here what was added:

GDV_NOISE_ON = "1.000000"
addnoised = "0.120000"
dctypex = "0.050000"
dctypey = "0.050000"
shadowMask = "5.000000"

Well, before releasing the presets, I thought… Having multiple folders improves organization, but it gets a bit tedious when navigating the menus. So I prefer to put all the presets in the same place

Initially, I even thought of putting the term “FLAT” and “CURVE” in front of the preset name. Then I thought it wouldn’t help much. So I figured leaving the manufacturer + system based navigation might make the process easier. :wink:

Well, feel free to make this change, but in future updates you will always have to make this change on your device.

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If you’re talking about when you update the TV Backgrounds, I won’t have to change anything specific. I only would have to change the files if you change the names your files. I set it up so that the preset files I have created have the changes and point straight to your and Duimon’s files so they can be updated individually without me having to change anything.

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Rest assured, any update will follow the pattern I’ve been using.