Still having problems on mapping keys

I don’t get it. I got to Atari 7800 core. I make my changes manually as to what key I want to change it to. I got Save Core overrides. And blam the keys didn’t save!!!, Can someone give me a step by step on how to save key mapping changes in RA?

input changes won’t usually save to overrides. Make your changes in quick menu > controls, then save a core remap file.

then save a core remap file.

Meaning save Core Overrides?

Thanks Mr. Hunterk, this tip helped me with PC-Engine CD games, for example in Garou Densetsu Special, where the weak hits are on the Select and Start buttons. I use an XBOX 360 controller and being able to save the mapping on buttons A, B, X and Y helped me a lot.

I was unsuccessfully using Save Game overrides.

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