Strange Problem in Retroarch

A while ago I tried to run a Rondo of Blood rom using the PC engine core in retroarch. It did not work and after I did that I couldn’t get most cores working anymore in RA. Not sure if that’s all correlated or not. Regardless, I deleted my old version of RA, kept all my old roms, reinstalled RA again but with new bios and tried running all my games again. Same result. Only core and roms that work are for N64.

Is there perhaps something else I should consider here to remedy the problem?

We would need a log of it failing to load something to even guess what’s going wrong.

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gotcha. Is it possible I can generate that somewhere for you in RA?

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Thank you. Just generated it and copied it to a text file. May I message you it to you as an attachment?

Oh I just read further. Here is the link to my log:

Hmm, okay, macOS. Looks like you’re loading genesis plus gx… That core should work well enough.

When you uninstalled your old one, did you get the stuff that’s in /Users/???/Library/Application Support/RetroArch? There should be a retroarch.cfg and a ‘config’ directory that contains some core-specific stuff. If there are no settings you need to keep, you could just delete that whole RetroArch directory.

I did delete that whole directory if that is what you are asking before reinstalling.

Ok, if clearing that out didn’t help, there’s another type of log that might give us some other hints, but that’s about it for me:

go to settings > logs and set both logging verbosities to 0 (DEBUG) and set ‘log to file’ to ON. While you’re in the menu, go to settings > directory and check where your log directory is. Then, go do whatever you need to do to cause the bad behavior.

It should create a log for you that you can share here.

Ok this is what I got this time:

ok, that’s a stack trace rather than a RetroArch log, which is the same thing, but it does contain this:

Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin

Which suggests something wrong with the library itself. I’ll see if I can find any mac users to try and reproduce the issue.

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Anything ever came of this?

I haven’t heard anyone else having this issue, no :frowning:

Ok no problem. I did find more log crash information though, I think it was the place you were actually trying to initially guide me to. I have included it here for review:

I see that you’re running it from a zip archive. Does it make any difference if you unzip it?

It does not unfortunately.

This crash in Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin, seems to be related with the dynamic library being compiled for a newer version of Mac OS like 10.15 ( Catalina )

I Have the same issue as the user posted here while trying to run some “cores” ( Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin )

In my case I am running Mac OS X 10.12 ( Sierra ) .

Can anyone confirm this information ? And is there any hope for core libs to get compiled for lower MacOs versions ? Maybe by building it myself, on my current Mac OS could solve the issue ?

Also apple does not allow Sierra update to the new Catalina and even patching the Os, to force an update, will work with is some AMD Driver issues, so no GPU.

Ah, yeah, that makes sense. Compiling yourself should indeed fix it.

I am new to compiling. How do you do it? Is there a tutorial out there?

Compiling RetroArch is easy, since it has its own xcode project. Compiling the cores is more difficult, unfortunately.