Streets of Rage Remake ported to RetroPie, RA port?


Hi guys,

Streets of Rage Remake has been ported to RetroPie on Raspberry Pi the other day, is there any chance it could be ported to RetroArch? It would be great to play this on more platforms and have RA controls and shader support.


This would be awesome. I have the stand alone Windows version and it really is amazing but to have this built into RA with proper shader support would be so cool


Yeah me to like to see it on lakka as well Isn’t retropie just emulationstation frontend and RA linux backend?


Don’t bump 3 years old topics. Obviously we can’t port closed source software.


Actually the game is built using BennuGD, which is open source. BennuGD


Me too I did think it was open source and I only bumped this as it was on my summary for some reason and a worthy port if could be done so I ignored the post after mine


That’s a ridiculous statement, the development tool is open source, not the binaries created from it :

  • Unreal engine is open source, it doesn’t mean all games built from it are open source.
  • Unity engine is open source, it doesn’t mean all games built from it are open source.

Wanna talk about the number of software built using gcc or any other open source software ? There is barely any closed source software in the world that’s didn’t use at least 1 open source tool in its making.


Well I’ve been told by the developer of the game, who is in close contact with SplinterGU that it could be possible.


And i have seen several mentions about this game in various forums saying that the developpers don’t want to disclose its sources. No source disclosing means no libretro port.


The game is based on BennuGD, if someone port the engine, you don’t need the sources to run it.


I know SSORR is better than openbor, but porting OpenBOR would be a great idea too. It’s opensource and it would bring the possibility to play hundreds of games. with our beloved shaders.


I don’t understand your statement, do you mean the game is only a bunch of data that must be used through some kind of bennugd “reader” application which is open source ?

If not, your statement is exactly the same as saying that we can play [insert triple A game name here] in retroarch if we port unreal engine 4 as a core.


Yes, it’s an open source game engine, BennuGD it’s a fork from Fenix .


I know that, unreal engine is an open source engine too, you are missing the important part of my question…


It has the same legality than running isos on Kronos.


Do not forget that the SORR was made for the fans to enjoy it not with profit motive. Do not forget that he had 5 years of development with 95% created by one person.

If you consider that using sprites or designs is stealing copyright, I think you are very wrong.

Do not forget that those who change the laws and promote the thoughts of piracy, are the same ones who then pay a pittance to the programmers.

The illegal must be in what your values dictate, not what a stupid law writes.

P.D. Long live chd :grinning:


The answer is yes. Although, the game data can´t be distributed with the engine.


Thanks, finally someone who understood what i was asking about and answered clearly. So yes, if the engine is separated from game data, it’s most likely possible to write a libretro core for bennugd games.