Supafaust core is AWESOME! Where did it come from?

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I just discovered the Supafaust core on 351ELEC. It’s simply incredible: it seems to be as accurate as BSNES, yet it’s multithreaded so PPU runs on a different core, which allows it to be fullspeed on A53 CPUs, while being PERFECT in both audio and video departments! Holly smokes!

Thing is, where did it come from? Why does it seem to be so “abandoned”? Is beetle_bsnes an evolution on Supafaust or is it the opposite?

supafaust is indeed from mednafen, but it’s not related to bsnes in anyway. It’s a great core and very fast on weak ARM hardware, but it doesn’t get much fanfare because it’s roughly comparable to snes9x2010 on x86/_64 hardware.

I haven’t gotten to do any tricky test ROMs or try any of the well-known edge-cases (like speedy gonzales or ASP), but I think it’s supposed to be pretty good.

The core was libretro-ized upstream (and they did a fantastic job of it) and then given to us to support and maintain, which was very generous of them.

@hunterk That’s very good information, thank you! I am currently testing many games with it, and it seems to work flawlessly with all of them.

So, Supafaust is part of the Mednafen project-set too? Is it supposed to replace their BSNES-based SNES core upstream?

The fact that it doesn’t get much talk isn’t fair, IMHO, because it seems to be way better than old SNES9x versions, and it’s performance on weak ARM hardware is truly awesome. Also, I consider that, probably, weak ARM hardware is where people play SNES the most: the OGA-clone invasion sure makes me think that.

There’s at last some talk on the incredible SUPAFAUST core on Reddit!

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@hunterk Ah, found a major game failing on it… Equinox has corrupt graphics in the dungeons with this core :frowning:

Well, back to my idea that an A53 can’t really emulate an SNES.

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