[Swanstation] What causes "Norse by Norsewest" to be so slow?

Hi there,

I am trying to find out what makes “Norse by Norsewest: The Lost Vikings 2” [SLUS-00466] so slow on my side when using the Swanstation core.

I am seeing it on AMD Ryzen and on Raspberry Pi 4, both with and without dynarec, with all the different renderers (VK, GL, Software), etc

The game has an option to disable music, thus making it fullspeed.

The game seems to show a very high CPU usage, specially notable on the Pi4, as soon as the music is enabled: it goes from a mere 30% to 100%.

I haven’t seen any other game doing this: what does this game use for music? Not CDDA, that’s for sure, and it’s a too early game as to use XA audio. Maybe SPU-driven realtime music in some strange way?