System Checker (BIOS Verifier)

I’ve created a program that will verify all your BIOS files for you. It also allows you to drop a bunch of BIOS files into a folder and it’ll automatically sort through them and find that BIOS files that RetroArch will use. This is especially useful if you have a bunch of different BIOS files for several different models and regions, and they all have different


I am also having a BIOS related idea; its basically what you are saying about using BIOSes with RetroArch! :sunglasses: I think this would be a good idea.

Does this do so by using CRC check or something? It’d be cool if this also gave you the proper name for each one.

Impressive for what it is…it doesn’t beat out the top rom managers out there…but for a first go at things you did rather well.

I had to edit the “update.js” to make it work…the old DAT referenced was broken. So FYI: const url = ‘’;

Sent a PR to fix that. Great idea! I’m glad people are finding use out of that DAT file. If you find any updates needed, feel free to push 'em forwards.