System requirements (analysis, work in progress)

Hello everyone,

I think questions about system requirements come up frequently, and often there are unsatisfying answers to them. Therefor, I would like to collect data about the system requirements for the specific cores.

First of all, to compare CPUs we need comparable measurements: I suggest PassMark - Single Thread (PMST). It is readily accessible and has a lot of data. This is of course only CPU, newer cores might rely more on GPU, but I think this is still a good start.

The idea is that retroarch users can report their PMST score, and which core works and which doesn’t, just click on the link and search your CPU, and report back (That is if some of you like the idea and help this thread out :sunglasses:).

For easy reporting I use the game console generation terms from Wikipedia - Video game console

So I start:

Currently, I am running a system with a score of PMST 862, I can run all emulation up to (and including) 4th gen consoles. For 5th gen consoles I can only run PSX emulation reliably: PCSX-ReARMed works very well (60% CPU ±), and Mednafen/Beetle-PSX in software works, but is very much the limit (CPU 95% ±) (I was hoping on the dynarec here :hugs:)

A side note: I was thinking about upgrading to a system with a score of 1950, however Mednafen and Dolphin recommend CPUs with score in the 2100 range, so I would be very much interested in your systems scores, if those cores work well for you.

Kind regards!

It’s hard to layout specific answers, because the nature of emulation means it’s not so straightforward.

For example, you reference whether or not a CPU can run a core… but just because it runs the core, doesn’t mean all is well. Many games require more power than their bretheren. Like Kirby’s Dreamland 3, for example.

Still, the idea of having a solid answer to “What are the requirements for running up to PSX” and the like would be a very valuable bit of info. It would certainly make my own process of building mini-itx consoles way easier, as I wouldn’t have to guess, and basically just greatly overcompensate to make sure I can run the desired systems.