Thank you Libretro!


I didn’t know there was a pinned thank you thread…

as someone that has used RetroArch (windows) nearly every single day for the last like 5 years…

From the deepest most sincere place in my heart, to everyone that works so hard to develop libretro, retroarch, the various cores. To those spending their own nights tweaking features, and updating cores. To everyone who dedicates weeks to creating that perfect shader, or overlay that brings you right back to the 80’s & 90’s. To everyone who continually peruses these forums helping others and giving their time and effort to us… (I could go on forever here)

I know for a lot of people, most of this stands as nothing more than a way to play old games… but for me, it’s so very much more.

It’s allowed me to achieve a literal dream of mine. To have a single console, with a single controller, that plays everything. Naturally, libretro only represents a piece of that puzzle, but it’s such an integral piece that it can’t be overstated.

Building my Gam3B0x Home Console has been the most rewarding experience of my life… and I simply could not have done it without the hard-work and time-sacrifice that everyone involved has contributed.

So again, and always…



Man I was looking for this thread ever since I initially joined the LibRetro forums about a week ago. I saw it and couldn’t post yet!!! I looked for it after I could post and couldn’t find it! Needs to be a sticky for sure.

Anyway I wanted to say thank you to the LibRetro team for all the hard work to make what IS the most amazing emulator/frontend ever created. I’ve always used the stand alone emulators and I first heard of Retro Arch when that Retron 5 piece of garbage hit the market and we all learned that Hyperkin simply slapped a re-skin on top of a program called Retro Arch. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I experienced the greatness of Retro Arch when I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I couldn’t believe how intuitive and how capable Retro Arch was in turning my phone into a legit portable gaming machine. I have a XBOX One controller and headphones that I keep in my car now so I can truly game on the go whenever the mood strikes. After experiencing Retro Arch on Android I moved to try it on my 2 emulating computers at home. What I didn’t expect was how much lower the input lag was on Retro Arch vs. the stand alone BSNES and Nestopia emulators which have always been a problem for me. I then discovered the “Hard GPU Sync” and “Frame Delay” adjustments which took the input lag down even further! Also I’m finally able to have some REAL N64 emulation with the Mupen64Plus core and not have to deal with the extreme glitchy mess called Project 64.

Even though emulation is very mainstream now, I want to remind everyone to never take the work that LibRetro and others who’ve made the stand alone emulators like Nestopia, FCEUX, BSNES/Higan, SNES9X, Mupen64Plus, Ootake, GensPlus GX, Kega Fusion, MAME, Model 2, Supermodel, and the GOD LIKE DOSBox emulator for granted. They’ve all made this software for the sake of preservation since the original developers, publshers, and manufacturers were certainly not interested in doing so. Yet thanks these individuals the original devs and publishers were able to see that there was a very high demand to play good old games and some of them have finally removed their heads from their collective A$$E$ and re-released their games on modern platforms. I’m NOT looking at you Nintendo! Anyway, thanks Libretro for all that you do.


Thanks. Please grant me access to create my own thread, mods.


It takes like 10 min of being logged in before it’ll let you make new threads. It’s an anti-spam measure. Also, try searching for existing threads, as the vast majority of new threads are used to ask the same questions over and over.


Many thanks for the very good SEGA Genesis Emulation. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3, Streets of Rage 1-3, Gunstar Heroes or Contra Hard Corps with hylian shader, Audio Lowpass Filter, Cycle accurate sound emultaion, an very nice Retro TV-Style Overlay and “six-button controller” is just as good as play on real hardware, if not better !!! Sooooooooooooooooo MANY Thanks for that very finetuned and authentic experience !!! I Simply Love it !!! :slight_smile:


OK sweet, I can say thanks for a neat set of applications to get gaming going in a go!

I use retroarch on my 3ds and love it! I am looking for a way to post a question on the forum but perhaps someone will see this here

I updated from 1.6.7 to 1.7 and lost the ability to select Mapper as an input (for 3ds button control mapping) (installed cia on top of CIA and copied retroarch folder over ftp - have tried deleting the config files and letting it rebuild both to no avail When I go into the Input User 1 Bindings I see the User 1 Device type as Unknown but then it shows the 3ds controller as the index – it use to say mapper where it says unknown. How do i reload this mapper?


Thanks for this one.


Thank you! Retroarch is very useful especially when it comes to using cores for emulators that don’t have a native port for the target OS (like macos). :slight_smile:


The program is fresh!! You rock Bro!


It is really great, but I’ve been coming across some annoying problems. Just created my account to seek for help but I can’t even create a post, it seems.



There are several conditions that allow you to be promoted to trust level 2 (new topics). Earn at least one of these:

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Sounds good so far! :slight_smile:

I can’t provide any guidance as to the specifics of license compliance, since IANAL, but my layman’s opinion is that it sounds like you’re doing it right. Thanks for letting us know!

EDIT: whoops, just noticed the Internet Archive ROM downloading thing. That’s something we’ve specifically distanced ourselves from and will continue to do so. We don’t support copyright infringement in any shape or form.

See also: the “fully loaded” Kodi boxes you mentioned.


I wanna say thank you as well.

Got into RetroArch when it came to the Wii U and after some hassle I found out how it works and that it’s genius! Now I’m using a base set (containing roms, thumbnails, cheat files, savefiles/states and various other stuff) on an external storage which I take with me everytime while I have RetroArch on my Wii U, my Windows PC, my Android phone and my Linux notebook. I just need to plugin my base set storage, adjust directory settings in each RetroArch installment once and can continue my savegames wherever I sit.

Thank you so much for this!


Retroarch is the best thing that could have ever happened to emulation. I adore it.


Im new, but I wanna say thanks too. I have readed a lot of topics and this forum has been a lot of help


I discovered RetroArch this year. I am using it on Retropie, Windows and Linux. Soon I am going to try the Wii version. This all in one software is simply glorious. This is now my way to play retro games. :heart:


I want to put a special thanks to everyone that works on getting AMD issues fixed - this card has been the bane of my existence since I bought it, and with GPUs being so outrageous I’ve kinda been SOL on switching to Nvidia.

After reading about Reicast OIT working on AMD now , I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work on that.


I gotta thank everyone for all the work put into this. Having multiple emulators in a single software is priceless. I’m having a few issues with certain cores, but I’m sure I’ll figure them out somehow.


Its the most used app I have on android ios linux and windows so… YES… THANKS


Hi, as a newbie (3 months) with Retroarch / Lakka I want to express my experience as someone who has never tried them before.


I wanted a Frontend that would facilitate me the use of emulators and after a search by Google and see the different Frontends that exists I had opted for RetroArch / Lakka, I was not wrong.

Why did I love RetroArch / Lakka? Note: they are ordered from most to least, they are my personal tastes and these points do not mean they are the best of RetroArch / Lakka:

  1. The active community behind RetroArch / Lakka: Many people are involved in this project and in the Libretro forums I have always gotten answers to my newbie doubts.

  2. Lakka as your O.S with RetroArch: I love this because it is a minimal O.S, simple, quick and dedicated. You do not have the typical problems of operating systems.

  3. Xmb UI: I had read reviews about RetroArch that it is not easy to manage. I do not agree, at first it may cost you a little (not much) but then the Xmb UI and being able to control everything with your Gamepad is the best of the best and I can not conceive Retroarch without this interface.

  4. Kiosk mode: Tremendously useful. I like minimalist things, the fewer menus the better, once I have everything set up and ready I do not want to see menu options that I will not use anymore (at least not usually).

  5. Views / Appearance: You can show / hide many elements of the menus in a personalized way.

  6. Playlists: The concept itself and can create and customize as you want by giving names to ROMs that does not have to be the same name as the ROM. Associate a PlayList to a Core.

  7. Savestates: You can save with game capture and save the saves all in the same folder or by Core.

  8. Covers and screenshots: You can choose where they are shown on the left or right. The auto-scale of size that was implemented.

  9. Shaders: Have them and the easing with which you can apply / change one.

  10. Drivers: You can choose the video / audio driver compatible with your device that you like the most.

  11. Cheats: Sometimes it’s good to be able to use them in some games.

  12. CHD support, slowdown fix, etc in some Cores that even the standalone versions does not have it.