Thank you Libretro!

Hi Thanks, first time installed and using it. got it working ok on android tv to play nes games. now trying on laptop to play atair games but im having issues. also i cant seem to post on the forums… but so far its been good the application

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love all the work that is done on retroarch! the shaders, ease of use, everything is just perfect!

Retroarch is the best thing that happened to emulation maybe ever. And not only for end users. Also devs can focus on the back end since the front end is already there and deals wonderfully with video, sound, controls and presentation. Games have never played, looked and sounded better, and being able to configure them individually is a godsend. Absolutely brilliant platform. Thank you!


I need help with retroarch in IOS iphone for change the disc in core psx, game ff8 i cant change the disc if i eject the disc when i put the second disc start the game but dont load mys savestates in memory card or savestates in retroarch Help please help! I dont know where give me support for this i post it here. Help please

See this document for handling multi-disk games:

My problem is which i have an iphone and i havent pc. Mys fyles are .bin and i cant create un notepad in my iphone

The other option is to copy and rename your savefile to match the next disk when it’s time to change.

I just read this at

Natinusula is working on a fancy widgets UI layer for RetroArch. This will allow us to show UI elements onscreen while the game is running. It will be far more advanced than basic simple text which is all the OSD layer in RetroArch is currently capable of displaying.

We don’t know yet if this will make the cut for 1.7.6, but we can certainly try!

First thing that crossed my mind, retroarchievement badges.

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I agree.

I was also shocked to have some luck with the Daphne core. Can only get one rom to work so far though, plus I don’t have any sound yet.

To be honest, when I first set up Retroarch, I didn’t like at all. I set it up with Hyperspin on my Nvidia Shield TV boxes. I guess I didn’t like it because I didn’t don’t much about the settings. That was about 2 years ago though. I now use Retroarch for everything except for my Wii games.

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Being new here, I just wanted to drop a Thanks onto this thread. Retroarch is a wonderful project. I use it a lot, for most of my Emulation needs.

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Me too! It’s fantastic. I can emulate with standalone in my PC but with the SNES mini and retroarch it’s funnier and easier for the kids!

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Everytime a new version of RetroArch is released it’s like Christmas morning! 1.7.6 is amazing thus far. (I always re-setup the program from scratch on new stable releases) I’m particularly fond of the RGUI color changing. It’s also spooky that the “gruvbox” setting or w/e has the same color scheme as my Gam3B0x stuff. Like it was meant to be.

Anyway, as always, thank you to everyone who works so hard on this project. You guys don’t get enough credit/recognition, I say. Keep up the great work! WE LOVE YOU <3


I just wanna say thanks to whoever is behind the Desktop UI driver. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever use it when it first came out… but man it has made my life so much easier. Being able to use it to modify shaders is a dream come true, but the ‘real’ star is that drag/drop functionality.

I used to have to go through so much to test a slew of roms, but now I can burn through an entire directory in 1/1000 of the time.

I can’t thank everyone enough for this program. Literally. (the fact that the last entry in this thread is from me not beyond me hahaha)


I already said it in this thread, but thanks again for the wonderful piece of software that is Retroarch. :slight_smile: I’ve been using it litterally every day for years now and it is the best thing that ever happened to emulation.


Just set up an account to say thanks to everyone who has worked on this project! I’ve been using Retroarch for nearly four years and have had almost nothing but good experiences with it. Here’s to an even brighter future!

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I remember how emulation was before libretro/RetroArch; it was way more unorganized. Some emulators that I enjoyed didn’t have xinput support, one would have to learn the different quirks of each emulator and so on.

RetroArch/libretro has in my humble opinion streamlined emulation of older game consoles for the better. I love the concept of libretro cores, not having to map the controllers every time you would like to emulate another system and having the settings unified across all cores.

My hat off to the libretro/RetroArch team for guiding the way for the unified future of retro emulation.


I Join and Give a Huge Thanks to the Team


There’s always so many big improvements happening around here, like the introduction of the Play! PS2 core for example… that sometimes more understated features can go unnoticed.

I was just playing around and I noticed that ParaLLEl N64 now loads the expansion disk for F-Zero X on the Disk Drive via sub-system. Then, if that wasn’t cool enough, I notice that the dolphin core is now supporting the Gamecube BIOS boot sequence!!! These are both awesome af, and I’ve been bitching about the BIOS screen for a while. I just really wanna say thank you to whoever put in the work for these. YOU ARE AWESOME.

I can’t overstate how excited I am to see that little purple box do it’s thing before Luigi’s Mansion loads up. Those boot sequences are like the icing on the beautiful cake of emulation. <3 <3 <3

(Now I gotta play around with Play! and see what BIOS options that has hahaha - I’m pretty sure every other system has a core that supports boot sequence now. <3)


Thank you guys keeping up the work on retrogaming on modern plattforms.

Its a really big deal to have all the favorite systems and games in one small box and its usable on modern screens and with (allmost) all new or classic input devices.

I use retroarch since 3 years now, and have never played more old games before. Just booting up my lakka system and just a few seconds later i can play all the games i ever wanted. RetroArch is the best thing in retrogaming which ever happend.

I really owe you thanks alot !!!