Thank you Libretro!


Hi Thanks, first time installed and using it. got it working ok on android tv to play nes games. now trying on laptop to play atair games but im having issues. also i cant seem to post on the forums… but so far its been good the application


love all the work that is done on retroarch! the shaders, ease of use, everything is just perfect!


Retroarch is the best thing that happened to emulation maybe ever. And not only for end users. Also devs can focus on the back end since the front end is already there and deals wonderfully with video, sound, controls and presentation. Games have never played, looked and sounded better, and being able to configure them individually is a godsend. Absolutely brilliant platform. Thank you!


I need help with retroarch in IOS iphone for change the disc in core psx, game ff8 i cant change the disc if i eject the disc when i put the second disc start the game but dont load mys savestates in memory card or savestates in retroarch Help please help! I dont know where give me support for this i post it here. Help please


See this document for handling multi-disk games:


My problem is which i have an iphone and i havent pc. Mys fyles are .bin and i cant create un notepad in my iphone


The other option is to copy and rename your savefile to match the next disk when it’s time to change.


I just read this at

Natinusula is working on a fancy widgets UI layer for RetroArch. This will allow us to show UI elements onscreen while the game is running. It will be far more advanced than basic simple text which is all the OSD layer in RetroArch is currently capable of displaying.

We don’t know yet if this will make the cut for 1.7.6, but we can certainly try!

First thing that crossed my mind, retroarchievement badges.


I agree.

I was also shocked to have some luck with the Daphne core. Can only get one rom to work so far though, plus I don’t have any sound yet.


To be honest, when I first set up Retroarch, I didn’t like at all. I set it up with Hyperspin on my Nvidia Shield TV boxes. I guess I didn’t like it because I didn’t don’t much about the settings. That was about 2 years ago though. I now use Retroarch for everything except for my Wii games.


Being new here, I just wanted to drop a Thanks onto this thread. Retroarch is a wonderful project. I use it a lot, for most of my Emulation needs.