The "Cores" Directory, Unwanted Cores, Android, and My Problem

So when I first installed Retroarch on my Android tablet (a 2017 Samsung Galaxy Tab A) I did the thing I always do: peruse and try things out. This lead to a lot of core clutter.

Now that I know which cores are the most useful for my device, I’d like to get rid of the cores I don’t want to use anymore. By default, RetroArch picks a folder very deep inside Android that I can’t see unless I root my device, and I don’t want to do that. So, I can’t just go in and delete the unwanted cores.

The next best thing would be to simply move the Cores directory to somewhere I can get to. I tried moving it to my SD card, that didn’t work. I tried moving it to somewhere else on my internal storage, that didn’t work. I spent a couple hours spread out over multiple days trying to crack this nut. Now after poking around on the forums here I understand this is due to a wacky thing Android does where the core files have to be in the same directory as the application data.

Am I really just stuck with four different Gameboy Advance cores even though only one of them runs at an acceptable framerate on my device? Is there no way to remove cores from within RetroArch itself? It seems like if this was a limitation of the Android operating system, you guys would add the feature to remove cores without having to be an ultra power-user. Like, I dunno, tap and hold for a couple seconds on the “load cores” screen or something.

easiest (but slowest) is to load the unwanted core, go to Information > Core Information and then Delete core

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Slow or not, it works. Thanks for the information!