Themes for Ozone?

I’m familiar enough with the two basic themes that are built into Ozone, and I know a couple more have just been added to the source code, but I find myself wanting to work up my own color schemes. Are there any plans to add that as an end-user option, even if only via config file?

I’m also hoping for options to limit the column width and/or move the values to the left of the names and descriptions (right-aligned so there’s a consistent gap between). I know the latter isn’t exactly standard “material design” but both options would be be great for wide screens.

Two new (hard-coded) color themes have been added today - they should be available in the most recent nightlies and also the upcoming 1.8.5 build.

Will it be possible in future to (user)change the icon theme in ozone?

With 1.8.5 the scaling of the menu has changed as well :slightly_frowning_face:

Ozone got scaling support. It will now scale appropriately for the screen.

You can lower it if you want though. It’s in Settings/User Interface/Appearance/Menu Scale Factor.

I know, but i need to scale it up :nerd_face:
I can’t crank it up more than 1.6x apparently and this is way too small for me

For icons, Ozone uses the set in assets/xmb/monochrome/png. I guess that’s because xmb assets were updated more frequently, so the copy of them under assets/ozone/png/icons went un-updated and unused.

Are you sure?
What about /assets/ozone/png/icons/?

Yeah, since you can delete that folder and the icons still show up in ozone.

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You are right.
Only the fonts and the icons for Main Menu, Settings, etc. are used from the ozone directory in assets.
It would be a great addition if the user can select which icon theme and font to use from the gui :slight_smile:

(I changed the name of /assets/xmb/systematic to monochrome in this example and deleted the ozone directory):

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Did anyone find out about this? I think the UI is great, I just want a pure black background, so some control over the few key colours - even if it’s just by editing a text file or something, doesn’t;t need to be baked into the menu…


I just made a feature request over on the Github repo. We’re hoping that XMB themes and custom theming can make their way to Ozone.

If you’re interested in showing your support for the feature request, feel free to mark the request with a thumbs up or a heart. If you’re a developer capable of helping to add this feature, we’d really appreciate your help getting it implemented.

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