Thoughts on Ludo OS


Ludo Github:

Its a minimalist frontend for emulators and a beginner friendly one.

I think the theme is pretty, but I think a lot people forget that when you use RetroArch you can hide parts of the menu that you don’t want to see to reduce clutter, or give a more minimalistic appearance. User Interface, Menu Item Visibility, etc.

It looks nice, but i’m not sure if this is the right way to address the “not for beginners” aspect of Retroarch.

IMHO providing opinionated defaults in Retroarch without removing any feature would be way simpler:

  • a default core selected for each system
  • default shaders for each system. Select those that better match the “real” system: a CRT for most machines, and specific ones for handheld consoles
  • disable most options by default, let the user enable them

Just my 2 cents

Still needs some work, though Ludo needs some love too