Ti99_4a performance issue in latest lr-mess

Hello. I apologize if this is NOT the place to post this. I’m very new to this forum, only posted once before in 2016.

With the addition of lr-mess to RetroPie it added a lot more systems and gave them the chance to look retro with all the great options Libretro offers.

But the Ti99_4a core on a Pi3b+ just get beat to death for whatever reason. The other systems of the same era like Tandy Coco1/2/3 and Apple IIe seem to work very well with the same options active.

Is there anything that can be done to see if it’s something in the core that the Ti99 uses inside MAME(MESS) or it’s just the the way the Pi handles this particular core.

Tried everything from frameskipping, to video resolution to even turning all the “bling” off… no help at all.

Thanks in advance, if I missed any information you need, let me know.


Compare to standalone on PC. The Ti99_4a driver is likely slow like that.

Maybe it’s possible it can be updated?

Would be a shame to have it left to where it’s unplayable.