Tiger Game.com in MAME (current)

Anyone playing with this?

I had it working in an older version of the core, but in the current 0.256 there’s no input. I just get the menu and no button does anything anymore.

My just updated core is (0.251 (e8c89915)), input still works. How did you get 0.256?

BTW. I did have to use the mouse to open a cartridge.

From the artifact page

This also work with the mouse. But the previous version i was using would also work with the joypad. I could make a game start with the joypad is what i’m saying. Now i can’t do that.

Upon trying again, I could use the d-pad to move “UP” to cartridge, and double click “Button X” to launch.

Works with the updated version also.

Yeah that didn’t work for me.

However, i found the solution, i had to press TAB to change the native input options (this system) and assign the face buttons to the gamepad.

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Thanks for the Artifact link… I was unaware. There are some new vsmile I have been wanting to try.

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