Traditional PC UI

I wanted to ask if it is possible to create a traditional PC UI for Windows, Linux and Mac. The libretro UI is in general pretty good for embedded systems (Raspberry, PS3, Wii etc.), however it is a little bit complicated to use it on a PC (mouse and keyboard control)

This is just a concept what I mean:

Maybe it is possible to use the current retroarch code to create a e.g. a QT based UI with the same menu structure. In this manner the maintenance and update would be not so high. The benefit would be to increase the user base.


It’s possible, but we’ve had bad luck with similar UI initiatives on other platforms (iOS and MacOS come to mind, along with Android).

IMO, other frontends can fill this niche, like Alcaro’s minir.

Thanks for the info. minir looks great! I was looking for that. =) However it is unfortunately limited in options (especially shaders are missing) But I will definitely try it.

I am currently thinking about a UI framwork which uses the menu structure from retroarch in order to build the PC UI. The reason why I brought up the topic was a discussion in ngemu. It seems many PC users are used to a more traditional UI. Me as well :wink:

If you use a controller to play games, you are definitely better off using a controller for the UI to which it is great for. I wonder what percentage of Retroarch users don’t use a controller and use keyboard for gameplay.

I personally like using RetroArch’s menus, but native UI’s can’t go wrong :slight_smile:

I have written a feature-filled Win64 libretro core loader.

I use it exclusively for my own use.

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