Transfer Saves for PS1 Saves Different Cores

Just wondering IF Posssible to Tranfer Saved Games from Beetle PSX to Duckstation Cores?

Yes it is.
You can use one of the many memorycard managers you can find on the web, or you can simply rename your Beetle PSX memory card:

Simply rename your “gamename.srm” or “gamename.mcr” card to “”

N.B. this is with the default settings for the cores.
In the core options you can change things like “Separated Card Per Game (Game Code)”, “Shared Between All Games” and others.
The same is in the Beetle PSX core. You can choose different memorycard types (srm or mcr), shared or per game etc…

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Thanks for the Help @ImnoTapLumber

Try that Tommorow as I am off to bed.

Let you know how I go Tomorrow

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@ImnoTapLumber what the Best Reccomend PSX Memory Card Manager to use for Windows?


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Thanks @ImnoTapLumber

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Got it working.

Just set the Memory Card to .srm files. Had to exit and get back in to get it to work

Can somebody explain me why Mednafen PSX and the HW variant have two files per game in the Save folder, and the MCR file is always empty while the real save is the SRM file?

MCR file

SRM file renamed to MCD so the program can open it

The Duckstation core only uses one MCD per game.

This enables/disables the second memory card (remember, a real PSX had 2 memory card slots):

Quick Menu ⇒ Options ⇒ Memory Card ⇒ Enable Memory Card 1 (Restart)

Here you can change the file extension of the first card [Libretro (*.srm) or Mednafen (*.mcr)]:

Quick Menu ⇒ Options ⇒ Memory Card ⇒Memory Card 0 Method (Restart)

[NOTE1]: Both are raw savefiles, so you can rename them as you like (*.srm ⇄ *.mcr)

[NOTE2]: Duckstation has a similar option, but disabled by default:

Quick Menu ⇒ Options ⇒ Port Settings ⇒ Memory Card 2 Type
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Thanks for the explanation, it doesn’t make much sense, the real save files are stored in the one with the game name like Alundra (USA).srm, so, you’re saying Alundra (USA)_1.mcr is the second card and that’s why it’s empty? It’s confusing because it has a different extension and it doesn’t look like it’s the second card. It’s no big deal, though, Duckstation is my primary choice for now, it was more curiosity than anything.

Duckstation = and
(You can choose libretro *.srm as well, memcard by gametitle or by gamecode or one card for all games [shared])

Beetle PSX (HW) = gamename.srm (or gamename.mcr if you choose mednafen style extension) and gamename.1.mcr (you have the option to change the index = change card, so numbers are 0-63 e.g. gamename.63.mcr is possible)
First card (0) is without a number. Shared memory card is also a possibility.

The second memory card is empty when you never saved on it. If you play games like Final Fantasy you may want to save every time on a new slot and so a second card comes in handy.

The extension on Beetle PSX (*.srm + *.mcr) is a choice that i don’t know the reason. For this i changed it as soon as possible to 2x *.mcr

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