UAE core for Retroarch


What’s the correct path for the roms please? Or do i have to put the roms on the root of the system folder? That sounds too messy as there are tons of other files in there.


Yes. Follow the instructions here: The names and the MD5s must be EXACTLY as stated.


I have downloadet many Commodore Roms ( including AMIGA ), BUT they are IPF Files

any chance to get them working?


Only if someone implements the ipf library.


Does the core support crt_switch_resolution ? If yes, could you post a sample configuration ?


Hi, thank you so much for making this core functional. I managed to use it on Windows with HDFs but, I have a problem.

I’m tryng to launch ransom’s HDFs (conversions from WHDLoad packages) but in PUAE seems mandatory to use a WHDLoad.hdf as primary disk, then load the game.slave file on secondary HDF, containing only the game data. But these HDFs already contain both WHDLoad executable and game data so they can be launched on their own. Infact is not possible to run them this way.

They work great in WinUAE just using them as first and only hard disk.

So, is there some way to disable the usage of a base “WHDLoad.hdf” file when passing an HDF as content ?


I’ve tried, but unfortunately, it sounds like the core is not working in lowres. It works in 640x480 on my CRT screen, but as soon as I set crt_switch_resolution to 1, it should switch on a super resolution (2560x…), but it doesn’t switch at all. @DamsRoxxx, do you think it’s an issue in the core, or an issue in RetroArch ?


The usage of 2 hdf is hardcoded in the core but you could write a specific uae file to launch your specific packages.

Don’t know how exactly the crt_switch_resolution should be handled.

I think this is an issue with the core that report the wrong resolution.


Was there any update on CD32 games on this core? Or is it not possible to make those games work?