Undo Load/Save State commands?

Hey friends, I’ve been making an Android overlay that’s meant to be auxiliary to my Bluetooth controller - it only has buttons for fast forward, menu, load and save states. I want to add buttons next to the load/save state ones that will undo those actions, like you can do in the menu. Is this possible? I guessed “[load/save]_state_undo” and “undo_[load/save]_state” and that didn’t work.

Related question: is there a reference of all the commands that are possible to be implemented in an overlay? The documentation points to the strings that refer to specific keys but not to menu functions.

You can only make overlay commands for things that can be mapped to a button. So, if you can find it in the ‘input hotkey binds’ menu, you should be able to add it to an overlay. I’d have to dig around in the source tree to find exactly what stuff is called, though.

Hmm, I looked at the config file and there doesn’t seem to be any binds for these functions. That’s a shame…

Is this still the case? I made the mistake of creating an overlay without checking if the buttons can be mapped…

old post, but as i was looking for the same information, i"d like to share what i found: in this file look for the entry RARCH_BIND_LIST_END_NULL there are all the posible functions

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