VBA-M 2.1.3 now on buildbot! (GB GBC SGB GBA)

For players who uses VBA for their gba emulation, a new port has been added. This is based on the github repository currently at version 2.1.0

Before going any further, please make sure to backup all your VBA save files and states to avoid data loss.

Difference versus existing VBA-M core:

  • support for game boy and game boy color roms
  • core option for interpolation and level of filtering
  • solar sensor adjust for Boktai
  • turbo buttons
  • (gb/gbc/gba) multi-line support for cheats
  • (gb/gbc/gba) show borders for sgb-compatible roms (gb/gbc)
  • (gba) better save type identification - this is why its necessary to backup existing save files and states. Most SRAM, FLASH512, FLASH1M and eeprom (512/8192 KB) save ram sizes are identified (no more fixed 139KB of save file for all types) and set for most roms (matched using GameID or identifiable tags within the binary. This makes it easier to transfer savefiles from one emulator to another or use ones from standalone.


linux_x64: (reuploading)

Source: https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m

$ git clone https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m
$ cd visualboyadvance-m
$ cd src
$ cd libretro
$ make

libretro code is in /src/libretro folder

tested under linux and windows 10 x64 only. Other platforms are not tested nor not sure if there will be makefile errors for those. Feel free to test and send in your ports/fixes.


Belated Happy New Year!!!

A lot of stuff-libretro related has been added. Retroachievements should be abit more compatible now with the GB/GBC core since a lot of its internal memory is now accessible (?). Fixed also some gb/gbc games requiring serial io. for those who uses runahead for reduced input lag, GBA should now be more compatible, gb/gbc still needs to be worked on.

testing and feedbacks would be nice. Oh, you do need to know how to compile it from source (for now) :smiley:

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Ah cool. I love VBA - that was my favorite emulator for the longest time. I see that it has GB/GBC support, excellent! My big question then is, does this core support BIOS loading for all 3 Game Boy systems?

Currently I have to use both mGBA and Gambette for that feature - having it all in one core would be amazing though.

thanks for the interest.

Yes, core does support loading gb/gbc bios using the same core option menu. if the use bios is enable, this automatically loads the appropriate bios for the emulated system.

reminder: just incase you wanna test and you have active saves/savestates with the existing vba-m core, you do need to make a backup of these as these are not compatible now in the updated save file handling.

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we are now LIVE!

VBA-M 2.1.0 is now available in buildbot for most systems. thanks to @anon24419061

Please have a copy of your existing vbam’s save and savestate folder if your using it as this is now not compatible.


Few additions since my last post…

  • Fix android and msvc2017 build
  • Better support for 2/4 player modes for sgb
  • Add tilt sensors (e.g GBA-Yoshi Topsy Turvy, Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panechu, GBC-Nascar Challenge, 3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride…)
  • Add gyro/accelerometer (WarioWare Twisted)
  • Add rumble pack support for gb/gbc and gba

sensors needs some fine tuning but should be functional. tilt and gyro are using left and right analog stick to simulate it.


gb palettes added…

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So, I’m seeing gyro and accelerometer options in the VBA-M core in Retroarch, but I don’t see anywhere I might bind a button to them. I’m wanting to use the DS4’s gryo, which I’ve configured as an analog axis via DS4win, to control gyro in-game. Is there some configuration option I’m missing?

time for update. So whats new? (at least for the libretro port)

  • Sync to latest 2.1.3 version.
  • Updated GBC memory map for retroachievements
  • Fix to status bar of Speedy Gonzalez in GB mode
  • Updated to new core option menu with sublabels
  • Add support for Colorized/DX patched GB roms
  • Add color correction for GB/GBC/SGB

DX patched games support

GB color correction


misc updates:

  • GB: reduce 1 frame delay from input
  • GB: timing updates
  • GB: better runahead support
  • GBA: Fix serial io emulation for single player modes (fix for Digimon Racing)
  • GB: prevent possible false triggering of achievements in some cases.
  • native RetroArch cheats should now be possible in latest PR. all 32K of GBC ram is accessible, 8K for gb.


  • you can now force-enable gba’s real-time clock, regardless of rom types using core option. Good for Pokemon rom modifications like Pokemon Adventure - Red Chapter 14.5 which is based on Pokemon Red which normally does not have RTC function
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