Vice core, no inputs?

I’m trying to play a game in Vice core called “Mayhem in Monster Land”.

So the game starts and the crack intro is played. I have to press something here which i had no idea. Pressing any button on the joypad does nothing. So i pull up the virtual keyboard and start pressing random buttons. Turns out it needed the “space” button in the virtual keyboard.

After that it asks for “intro or game”. That’s it, no button prompts or anything. I have to guess which button is which. I guess it’s the first letter and my guess is right. If i press “i” it shows me the intro. But then i’m locked into it. There’s nothing i can press to exit the intro. I press all the virtual keys, all the joypad keys, i change joypad ports, nothing works.

If i select the game instead it goes to a small menu and there i’m locked again. No input or virtual key works.

Seems like something that happens in a lot of home computer games but i always find the secret button sooner or later. But not with this game…

The crack version I have only requires one press of Space and a few answers for trainers, and that is it.

Pretty sure the core is not at fault here.

Ok i managed to find how to get past the list by pressing “N” multiple times to go through all the items.

But now the game is stuck here:

What do you do to get past this screen? It doesn’t go away by itself even after a few minutes and pressing fast forward.

I don’t have to do anything except wait for a while, and then:

I waited for 15 minutes and nothing happened.

I did fix it though by enabling true drive emulation in the options. I didn’t have to do this in an older version of the core but i updated the cores recently. Maybe it’s a regression?

It loaded fine here without TDE too. In just a few seconds. Tried with both x64 and x64sc.

Well then, i don’t know what’s happening.