Vita Quake 2 questions

The core works but i couldn’t find a way to change sensitivity for the controller analog sticks. The default is very sensitive with zero deadzone so it’s unplayable.

Also, is there a way to enable music like you can with tyrQuake?

Is there any other way to fix the controls? How other people play this?

My mouse while working fine in the Retroarch in game menu, doesn’t work in the game.

My MSI Xbox compatible controller works fine, no sensitivity problems.

I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I’m using a wireless XBOX 360 controller which should be the “lowest common denominator” that works by default for everything. But the sensitivity is all over the place. I just slightly push the analog sticks and the camera spins like crazy. The lack of deadzone also means it sometimes moves by itself since the sticks don’t always re-center 100% perfectly. This core doesn’t have even the mandatory 2-5% deadzone.

I can somewhat slow it down through some general sensitivity options in RetroArch but it doesn’t help much, plus that will also affect other cores that work fine. A sensitivity and deadzone option in the core itself should fix that issue. Not to mention that many people prefer different sensitivity options either way. I think it’s pretty much given that all cores that support analog controls should have such options (i’m looking at you Dolphin).

Ok so i fixed the sensitivity issues via the general input options.

However, the game is still unplayable with a controller.

In the quick menu control options there are several functions missing. There is no crouch. No use item. Some of the functions don’t do what they say they do, for instance the “Toggle Run Mode” is the mission computer toggle and the “freelook” is the back button.

The game itself also seems to have a native controls menu but i can’t decipher it. I can’t bind buttons properly. Again some functions don’t do what they say in the text.

There’s definitely a conflict between these two control options menus but i can’t solve the puzzle. I can’t seem to get how these two menus work together. And even if i could, it doesn’t save the native ones. I can save the remap overrides but i don’t see any file being saved anywhere in the system or saves folder for the native, in game controls.

I tried searching online but i don’t see any information about this core anywhere. Is it still very WIP and being worked on or is it meant to show off the high frame rate function only?

Are the controls OK for everyone else?