Wallpaper 1080x1920 Examples and source

I’ve been messing around with wallpapers for the Raspberry Pi 4 and have seen that it can be flexible with bigger resolution images and smaller ones. Simplistic and minimal images work better for visibility as well as placement of the contents.

I ended up making this 1920x1080 image reference for making wallpaper. Leaving the right hand empty is usually due to the placement of boxarts & thumbnails. Keep in mind that there was talk about making the Icons bigger such as 512 & 1024 sets.

I’ve used Krita and GIMP for this, both are Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) available for other platforms. There is also a free online Background remover tool you can use for images without transparent backgrounds.


I made some of these from existing images. There are also transparent images and transparent wallpaper that will simply be shown on top of whatever color theme you choose. I will have the folder link to the backgrounds posted.

Wallpaper Folder Link Transparent images


Strictly Video Game Characters. More wallpapers than what I can show here.

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@Joystick2600 do you have a link to it?

There’s actually more than one site but this is the one I came across first

As for the video game fanart you can find them from anime image boards. Safebooru

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These examples are transparent backgrounds that were on a desktop PC version of Retroarch set to XMB gui instead of Ozone.

More Examples of created wallpapers

4K Transparent wallpapers (3840x2160)

One can make some good stuff with free software. This video shows how to remove the background of an image and making a wallpaper for Lakka OS/Retroarch’s XMB GUI.