Webplayer for Microsoft Edge of Xbox One

Hello everyone,

I know that for months you have worked on the version of the client webplayer and that you have made progress. I know you use Emscripten to convert code and it is very hard to optimize code to work correctly in some browsers.

Some time ago I tried your webplayer project and some Core were going slow, but now I think they’re going better. The truth is that I write to ask you to work on the browser Edge of Xbox One, since other projects, also using Emscripten, as Nesbox have managed to run several Core emulators like Super Nintendo, Game Boy and Megadrive working perfectly.

I know that RetroArch goes further and supports many more, as one specifically that is the one that interests me (PSX) and that you have made significant progress. It is for all that I ask you if you can work the development of the webplayer on the Edge browser of Xbox One, since it would allow us to enjoy RetroArch in a console of new generation and in the future consoles of the Microsoft family without needing to install nothing.

Many greetings, greetings and good luck.