WHD Load in PUA

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask 2 questions

Is it possible to create WHDLoad (LHA) packages with SPS images without an Amiga? The question is more towards a tool for windows/linux to create a LHA archive without the need of an Amiga emulator. Means to create the LHA archive directly based on the floppy discs. Normally it should not be that difficult to write a simple tool which use WHDLoad and the IPF images it you have the plugin from the SPS site.

how to update WHDLoad within a LHA package? If I have a LHA package of a game which was created with an older WHDLoad version. Is it possible to update the WHDLoad version without creating a new LHA package? Means can I extract the LHA content and exchange some files to update the WHDLoad version?

Thanks in advance.